Vendor Info

Vendor Information

We have tried to answer most of the common questions we have been receiving from vendors in the FAQ list which follows.

Vendor Application:
Please right click on application and save the PDF file to your computer.  You can then open the file, print it and either fax or mail it in up to 10 days before the event.

This document requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print which comes with most modern online devices. If you do not have the ability to view this document you can        CLICK HERE        and view/print a image version of this application.

This document requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print which comes with most modern online devices. If you do not have the ability to view this document you can CLICK HERE and view/print a image version of this application.

Vendor FAQs



What do I need to do to reserve my space(s)?

Just call our phone at 937-728-6643 during regular business hours, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. For fastest service and the most convenience, have your credit card ready when you call.

Will I be receiving window tag(s) in the mail, to get my vehicle into the grounds?

No, we will be sending you window stickers instead. Please affix the stickers firmly to the outside lower corner of your windshield, on the driver’s side.

When will vendors be allowed to enter the grounds to set up?

We will open the gate to vendors at noon on Friday.

When can vendors come in each morning?

When you are driving your vehicle with your vendor sticker firmly attached to the outside of the windshield, you can come and go at will, 24 hours a day from Friday late afternoon through Sunday. If you are just arriving and do not yet have a space, or do not have your window stickers, the vendor office will open at NOON on Friday, and at 6:30 am on both Saturday and Sunday. You can buy spaces (if available) and pick up your stickers at that time.

What will be the price and size of the vendor spaces?

Midway spaces are $45 each and are 12’ x 18’, South Field spaces are $35 each and are 12’ x 18’, Big Barn/Shelter House and New Barn spaces are $60 each and are 20’ x 10’ and all other indoor spaces are $50 and 10’ x 10’.

What is the cost of general admission?

We believe that gate security is critical for an event like this, to keep as much control as possible of the people coming and going to the show…especially late in the day. So we will be charging FOUR DOLLARS per head for early bird attendees on Friday, with children 12 and under free, and THREE DOLLARS per head for attendees on Saturday and Sunday, with children 12 and under FREE. The show will close at 6 pm, and after that time, no new admissions will be sold. Only those people in vehicles with window stickers, or with hand stamps will be able to come and go after 6 pm each day.

Can I pay for my spaces and other expenses by check?

Yes, as long as we receive that check TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the show. We do not take checks on the week of the show, or during the event (except for payment for FUTURE events).

Can we sell animals and livestock?

Yes, of course, as long as you have the legal right to do so here in Ohio, and obey all laws and statutes regarding the care and sale of live animals. Exotic animals can only be sold here if it is legal to own, possess, and or sell them here. ALL ANIMALS MUST BE SHELTERED FROM EXCESSIVE HEAT, COLD, WEATHER, ETC, and MUST HAVE ADEQUATE FOOD AND WATER READILY AVAILABLE. Treat your live animals with respect and good care at this event.

Can we sell weapons at this show?

Yes, within reason and within legal limits. We rely on the advice and guidance of the Scioto County Sheriff’s Dept. and respect their wishes on this issue. We love gun collecting and interesting knives as much as any other collectors do. Indeed, nothing embodies the spirit of old-time trader markets like a couple of old gentlemen haggling over each other’s old shotguns, etc. But we will insist on sales conditions which are both legal and safe for everyone. Please check back frequently with this site, or call our offices for updates on this important issue.

Can we bring our golf cart, ATV, or motor scooter to ride around the show?

No, sorry. There are so many people at an event like this, that we feel it is absolutely necessary to keep attendees on foot. However, mobility scooters and other handicap-specific vehicles will certainly be allowed for people with legitimate needs.

Do you produce and manage any other big events like “Trade Days?”

Yes, certainly. For nearly 30 years now we have been running and producing the CARS & PARTS SPRINGFIELD SWAP MEET & CAR SHOW event at the Clark Co Fairgrounds in Springfield. This show happens 3 times per year, and our two biggest events see about 30,000 people in attendance, on the 129-acre facility. You can check it out online at (Ask any of your car-collector buddies about this show. They probably attend it!)

Can I camp overnight on my space?

If you can stay on your space, we don’t object. However, the electric bill at any fairgrounds is substantial. So if you will be plugging in to any electric outlet for any purpose at any time during the weekend, you will need to buy an electricity permit for $15, which you will attach to your extension cord.

Are there designated campsites available?

Yes, but they are very limited. The rate is $35 per night. If you are a spectator of the event, the camp fee will admit 2 adults to the show. At this point, the only camping spaces available are located in the new camp grounds in our North parking lot.