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Incredible Support Thank You!

Vendor and spectator numbers are fantastic this Spring and we want to thank all of you for supporting the Lucasville Trade Days and hope many of you come out tomorrow too and check out the event. Unfortunately we weren't able to get too many photos today as the crowds kept us on our toes. See you tomorrow and thank you for your support!  :-)

It was too crowded earlier today but this photo just taken still shows plenty of spectators enjoying the show.

Ads are hitting the papers

Our advertising has hit the local newspapers and we are really getting a great response from them as our phones lines are full. We are filling vendors spaces as I type this and it appears our first Spring event will be packed with both vendors and shoppers. With the event less than 2-weeks away we are locking in spaces, lots of e-mails and registrations to be on our mailing list.

A late-night blurry image of the front page of West Union's People's Defender newspaper.

Getting the word out...

Weekends and evenings are spent creating banners and printed media to reduce the confusion on where and when the Lucasville Trade Days will be held this year. Here we see one of our staff last Sunday night installing banners on the Scioto County Fairgrounds fencing to let road traffic know this is the place.

If you see us before the show setting up give us a beep to say hello.  :-)

"The Barn"

This beautiful big building is called different names by various people, from “Shelter House” to “the barn” to the “Agricultural Complex” on county maps. But most people call it “The Barn.” It is huge at 530’ long by 120’ wide, with beautiful concrete floor, steel rafters and metal roof. The sides are open to allow breezes to pass right through. Vendors must like it, because it is already sold completely out for our April Show!

Measuring Spaces

After many hours at the fairgrounds trying to reverse-engineer the previous layout of spaces, we have finally gotten most of the Midway-area map almost completely figured out. We found old faded spray paint dots on the asphalt, brightened them up, and added flags to help us solve the puzzle. We will be able to put previous vendors back on their original locations.

Some of these dots are very difficult to locate but we need to find them all to identify previous space markers. In the future we hope to better identify spaces to make the layout process simpler.

These orange flags really help us to quickly identify space measurements.

We quickly figured out all of the south, west, east, and north fields. These beautiful grassy areas feature gravel lanes and lots of mature trees in nice long straight lines.

Hopefully the snow will be gone by our April event?  :-)

Reserving Spaces for Vendors

So now we’re busy adding vendors’ names to the map from our stack of applications. This photo below shows Courtney working late in the evening at home, with the maps spread out over the dining room table. She was just beginning to write the first few names in the appropriate squares.

We need a bigger table!

Our First T-Shirt Order Shipping Today!

Our first online order of t-shirts are shipping today and we thank you for your support of the Lucasville Trade Days event. Shirts are available by clicking our "Store" link at the top of our web site and will be available at the Trade Days event.

Two khaki shirts prepare themselves for the rough and tumble journey as they are shipped to their new home. We have many other shirts like these, in various sizes, looking for a new home. Show your support for the Lucasville Trade Days event by giving another homeless shirt a new life by welcoming it into your home. :-)